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Hey guys. I feel kind of disappointed with myself for not having kept up with this blog. I apologize to anyone that has sent in a confession and not gotten it posted. I fully admit that I am not caught up on the show and I am not sure if I ever will. If there’s anyone who would want to do a sort of co-running the blog thing that might work at some point, but again, I am just not sure yet. In the meantime, I hope 2014 is going well for you guys so far and I’ll catch up with you later. :) 

Who do you think would be better for Jenna, Matty or Collin

Probably Matty

It's rare jakara is annoying

Agreed, Jake has become so annoying. He used to get annoyed with Lissa being so clingy, now he’s doing exactly what she did..and dont even get me started on Tamara! Damn writers..

Soo, ive had an extremely long hiatus. I have to catch up on 2 episodes, then I will be posting again! yay!

GUYS I JUST WANT JAKE AND JENNA BACK TOGETHER omfg..what do you think? Is there any chance of the two of them getting together again? 

I'm on my iPod and not sure how to submit, so I'll ask as a question. How do you feel about the Jenna/Colin situation? I don't like that she cheated, but she can't control how she feels. What do you think?

I don’t like cheaters, and I’m growing to despise Jenna. She likes to create her own drama. Remember homecoming? She was asking for it. I like Colin, but them together? Nah, I don’t like it. Plus, she broke Matty’s heart.

Once I have my laptop back from repairs (in about a week), I’ll start this blog back up again!!

Two questions. Actually make that three. Thoughts on Jenna? Who you think should be with Jenna (either Collins, Jake or Matty)? And thoughts on the mid-season trailer?
  1. I think she’s made sooo many mistakes that it’s so weird for her to be with pretty much anyone. She’s still annoying me, but she’s a little bit better.
  2. Matty! Although he has also made mistakes, he has tried to help her through anything. I don’t totally ship them together, but I think they’re the best fit.
  3. It looks awesome!! So.much.drama. Anyone know when the next episode will be? I’ve been catching up online. :)
Do you like Collin and Jenna I think they would be perfect I would choose him over Matty

Yeah, I really like them together :)

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